I started out being passionate about art and aiming to be a gallery artist—until entering college I discovered a new interest, graphic design. Upon completion of high school, I decided to pursue a baccalaureate degree in fine arts to broaden and enhance my knowledge of graphic design. While in undergrad I discovered that the graphic design field is very board, so I probed my professors with many questions about the field to carve out my career path. In my senior year in college, I had the opportunity of completing an internship with a start-up company; the experience helped me cement the idea of being a web designer. Graduating from St. John’s University, I teamed up with an associate and begun freelancing, taking on digital marketing projects, and web design. 
Seeking to sharpen my understanding of ‘web design’ I conducted extensive research about this subject and I came across the term user experience/user interaction (UX/UI).  It was during this research I decided to become a UX/UI designer. To get a better understanding of the methodology behind user experience in tandem with user interaction I enrolled in a UX/UI course at General Assembly, where I completed a course in UX/UI and obtained my certification.  Currently, I focus on creating cohesive digital experiences for various companies and their myriad of users.