Project Scope

I was tasked with redesigning (along with a proposed website redesign) the New York Public Library's current process of obtaining a library card; the objective was to make the process of getting a library card through the NYPL website more straightforward for the user. The goals were:

  • To seamline the different types of users to be handled smoothly within the process; less text and self–direction. 

  • Give users the choice to be issued a digital library card directly at the end of this process. 

  • For users to be logged in automatically after successfully applying.

Deconstructing the user flow

To understand the flaws with the online application process for obtaining a library card, I mapped out the

existing sequence; annotating the areas in need of improvement.   

User Flow.jpg

The new user flow

Based I my annotations, I created a new user flow.

New User Flow.jpg

Design Studio & Prototyping

After mapping the new user flow, I did a brief design studio to sketch out how the process would look visually. Once the sketch of the new process—the low-fidelity— was completed, I moved on to creating a mid-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes.    


Mid-Fidelity Prototype


High-Fidelity Prototype


Final Thoughts

Given the chance, I would conduct user surveys to obtain accurate data on the library card application process; in addition to several rounds of usability testing.